Macbook and Imac (Apple products) repair

Every MacBook owner can demonstrate the high-quality of his machine. But unfortunately, the high-quality parts doesn’t mean the Mac can’t have the similar problems as the computers of other manufacturers. If you realized your laptop work abnormally or doesn’t work and your laptop iѕn’t under warranty, you should bring it intо оur laptop repair сеntеr. Our apple certificated laptop technician team perform high-quality Mac repair on the acceptable price. Laptop repair team is experienced in troubleshooting and repairing the most challenging problems for all Mac computers.

We offer the following solutions for common issues that may occur with any MacBook:

During the daily use, it may happen that the old unused system files and half deleted software stored in our system over the years. Which are prevents the device from running smoothly. Also can even cause the complete crash of our programs. In such cases, We wipe your hard drive and install a new OS on your computer. (we can back up your personal data if you need this service please let us know)

In daily using may occur accidents, such as a glass of water, wine or soft drink spilled into your device. In such a case, should be brought into our repair shop as soon as possible to avoid further damage. This case we examine which part(s) damaged if necessary, we make a full internal cleaning of the motherboard by ultrasonic cleaning. If necessary we replace the damaged part(s).

The Mac Motherboard issues are usually because of the following:

1. Faulty AC adapters (Electrical Surges or a sudden change in voltages). This may be due to a number of factors such as bad electrical wiring in your home etc.
2. Manufacturer defects and normal wear and aging
3. Impact and liquid spills
4. Fell down the laptop

Our certificated technician team has great experiences with the chip level motherboard repair, can repair all component level issues with motherboards.

Over the years, the system’s cooling system (the dust and humidity become insulator mass which blocks the air flow of the fan. The thermal paste of the heatsink is getting old and works ineffective ) become ineffective.
This case can cause many faults.
1. The fan gets noisy.
2. The device is getting hot.
3. Are the software stuck, run slowly or crash
4. The battery drains faster

This case we make the full inside cleaning on the mac, replace the old thermal paste and if necessary we replace the fan.

If the trackpad on your MacBook not clicking or the pointer not moving properly, this abnormal functioning of trackpad could be the result of loose adjusted trackpad screw, a failing battery or it just may be that the trackpad has gone completely. Bring your MacBook into our repair shop. Our technicians run a full diagnostic on your MacBook to determine the issue and give you recommendations for any repairs and upgrades you may need in order to get your computer performing like new.

The Macbook keyboards need to replacing for a number of reasons. Your Macbook’s keyboard may stop working because:
1. Wear and tear
2. Some kind of liquid like coffee or water spill into the keyboard
3. Because of High humidity
4. time to time Key(s) of the keyboard stuck in.
Can be the solution for this case if you use an external keyboard (USB or wireless) But for the elegant and final solution highly recommended replacing the keyboard.
Our technicians can replace the MacBook keyboard at the very affordable price.

If your Macbook screen cracked or showing color lines through the screen. If you have Dead Pixels on the screen or the display simply not turning on.
With all of these issues definitely, you need a screen replacement. Our repair team has a great experience with MacBook and iMac screen replacement.
If your screen is not turning on or shows black cubes, lines. These issues also can be a motherboard problem. We also repair these kinds of fault.

We have two important rules “No fix, No fee” and “Estimation and Checking is free

What does it exactly mean?

When you bring your laptop into our repair shop to check to the fault we do it for you for free and we also give you the free quotation about repairing cost.
If we can’t fix your laptop or you decline the laptop repair after you got the repair quotation you don’t have to pay any fee.
So you can’t risk anything, you can only gain!

Macbook and Imac repair in affordable price