SSD Upgrade

The time is now to upgrade to an SSD if you are still using a mechanical hard drive in your computer. 

Upgrading from hard drive to SSD is the biggest upgrade what you can do with your computer. If you make this upgrade your computer getting at least 5 times faster then before.

What is the difference between the old hard drive and SSD?

There is much difference but what is important for us the method of the data seeking and storage. The hard drive contains disk(s). Under the reading and writing process, the hard drive head must go the right positions to read or write the necessary data. Obviously, it is not a fast method. The normal hard drive read-write speed about 160-250 Mbs. The disk(s) inside the hard drive quite sensitive any physical damage. And if is happening you can lose your stored data. In the SSD There isn’t disk(s).
The SSD operate with memory chips. Any time when you read or write data can acces the data almost immediately, no need time to reach the head the right positions of the disk. The general SSD read-write speed about 3200 Mbs. Because of the SSD doesn’t have any mechanical parts less vulnerable against the physical damage.
We are working with customer satisfied guaranty. If you upgrade your hard drive to SDD with us and you don’t satisfied with the performance we give your money back.

So you can’t risk anything, you only can gain!

5 reason why worth to upgrade to SSD:

1. SSDs are quieter
No mechanical moving parts. What is mean? No more clicking noise and motor sound.

2. SSDs are faster.
Because of the higher data transfer rate, the SSD can be 5-10 times faster than a hard drive.

3. SSD more green
Because doesn’t have a motor and any mechanical parts. Wich parts use a lot of energy the SSD use less power. Less power consuming mean better battery life

4. SSDs are cooler
Again because there are no moving parts, an SSD generate less heat as an HDD. This is particularly important in our island where the temperature easily getting high. SSD is less likely to overheat therefore the lifetime is getting longer

5. SSDs more durable 
SSD less sensitive with the external damage. So you have less chance to lose your stored data.